Our story

Delight was created to empower health and sugar conscious consumers with great tasting snacks. 

Overwhelmed with unhealthy treats and refreshments combined with busy schedule, many people like us struggle to follow healthy lifestyle. While we rush through crazy daily routines, it makes it hard to charge our bodies with healthy nutrition. Besides, often we don’t realise how high is the amount of sugar in many snacks and drinks we consume daily.

That’s why we designed Delight.

We understand there should be no compromise when it comes to health and taste; because we only live once! We tasted all the products around the globe we could get our hands on. We were determined to find the right combination of healthy nutrition and great taste.

We said NO to refined sugar. You won’t find it in any of Delight products. The sweet taste comes from low calorie sweeteners in combination with natural flavours. We didn’t stop here. We added carefully selected vitamin and mineral blends that are important for our daily diet. Finally, we found a combination of great taste, great nutrition, enriched with vitamins and minerals. How is that for a “win-win”?!

Join our mission to make healthy lifestyle tasty and convenient.

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